CSS Hero Animator

A free point and click tool to easily apply CSS3 Animations to your WordPress sites, without coding. It doesn't require CSS Hero to work and works on any WordPress Theme.

Free — Doesn't require CSS Hero.

Animate everything

Easily apply CSS animations to your WordPress website. Choose among a plethora of animation types, combine offsets and animation speeds to make your website stand out!

Implementing the CSS3 Animate It library, it offers many cool animation effects: bounce, fade, flip, pulse, rotate, shake, wiggle and much more.

Animation Options

Animator comes with a set of built-in options that will help you applying cool animations to your websites with absolute ease.

Animation Offset

Choose when to trigger each animation. By default each animation triggers when it's parent element reaches the viewport, by altering the offset you can control when this event triggers.

Animation Speed

Choose among 4 different animation speeds: normal, slow, slower and slowest. Mix multiple speeds on the same page to make nice transitional effects.

Disable Animation On Mobile

You may want to disable some animation effects while users browse your website by a handheld device, to do this simply mark the disable on mobile option.

Run Animation Once

Chose whether to run an animation each time a user reaches his trigger point or just once per page.

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