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Make your users happy by making your WP Theme or Plugin compatible with the #1 WP WYSIWYG editor

csshero_declare_item('#head','Header Area');
csshero_declare_item('#head h1','Header Title');
csshero_declare_item('#Head h2','Header Sub-Title');
csshero_config_post('#content article','.entry-content','Article');

Deliver more power to your product

If you are developing a WordPress Theme or Plugin, you know many users will want to customize the CSS of your elements to match their taste and their likes. Changing colors, fonts, styles. You name it, somebody will want to try to change it!

Making your product (free or premium) natively compatible with CSSHero is simple and easy and will take you  5 minutes to get started.

Discover our simple API and start today delivering an  incredibly tight integration with your theme or plugin. Start live editing your own themes today!

Check our Knowledge Base area for further infos on our API.

Stop wasting time reinventing the wheel

Make your product Hero-Ready and stop building backend CSS option interfaces; you will save a lot of time which can be spent in more productive ways for your users.

CSS Hero will deliver more power and a unified interface for editing all CSS properties of your theme/plugin.

CSS Hero is a “low emissions” plugin and will not make your theme/plugin heavier in any way. We have built it from the grounds up with this in mind. To make your product Hero-ready you just have to write a single configuration file.
That’s the only necessary “glue”.

Your users that have or  do not have CSS Hero (yet) will not experience any overhead: the CSS Hero  configuration file  is run only when user launches CSS Hero.

Discover the sinergy between  your  well-thought HTML and some real-time CSS editing awesomeness!

Check our Knowledge Base area for further infos on our API.

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Promote CSS Hero in your blog, within your product with a simple affiliate link; you will be able to earn from sales an interesting 40%. Spread the CSS Hero word and share the wealth with us! More details on our affiliation page.

Jump In!

Acceptance in the CSS Hero developer program will give you access to:

  • Free Toolkit
  • 15 Licenses for testing
  • Make your product work AWESOMELY out of the box with CSS Hero
  • Be featured in our directory and promote your product
  • Promote CSS Hero and earn revenues

Request Developer Invite

We look forward to start working with developers of high quality Themes and Plugins only, acceptance of your application at our discretion only. We thank you for understanding that.

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CSS Hero is the definitive plugin to customize your WordPress themes with an easy and intuitive WYSIWYG interface.


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