Border and Border Radius

border css customize in wordpress

The Border interface

Inside Border interface you can setup a global border style using the first option or a specific border style for TOP, RIGHT, BOTTOM, LEFT.

These are the CSS Properties in the Border panel:


The Academic Definition:

The border-style property can be dotted, solid, double or dashed;

In CSS Hero you can easily select it using the icons lists.


The Academic Definition:

The border-width property sets the width of an element’s four borders.

You can use the slider or manually input your preferred value.


The Academic Definition:

The border-color property sets the color of an element’s four borders.

Border Color uses the Color Picker tool.


border radius css live firebug

The Border Radius’s arena

The Academic Definition:

The border-radius property is a shorthand property for setting the four border radius properties.

The border-radius property is supported in IE9+, Firefox 4+, Chrome, Safari 5+, and Opera.

As for the border panel, we have compacted in the first slider, simple named border-radius, the combined effect for all angles.
i.e. If you want to setup a rounded button with 10px for all angles, you have to change only the first value.

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