Reset a single Class or Id element style

Sometimes, using our tool to experiment visual site modifications,  you may realize you made a mistake adding some CSS edits to an element – and so, you might want to “revert” a specific class, in other words to restore the original style of a given element on your webpage.

[Nerd note: This action would be the equivalent to erasing some of the CSS rows you virtually wrote using CSS Hero]

Just click the element to select it, as you’re used when editing elements. Head over the CSS Hero Interface and find the red “R” icon on the right side of CSS Hero Interface. A “RESET” button will be revealed. Press this RESET button and confirm the alert box.

Therefore you will restore the original style only of this element.

The Reset button

The “R” icon


Hovering the reset command

Hover the mouse pointer on the”R” icon to reveal the reset button

Confirmation Alert Reset Message

Reset Confirmation Message

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