Any problem with CSS Hero? Please mind that most solutions  to popular problems are here; read well this document before attempting to contact us submitting a ticket in our support forum. Thank you.

General checklist – START HERE FIRST

  • Are you Using the latest version of CSS Hero? Get it from your dashboard
  • Did you try disabling other WordPress Plugins? Absolutely give it a try before going on.
  • Some users reported Hero not loading when running the WP Minify plugin, disable it when running Hero.

Popular specific issues

CSS Hero does not Start, is hanged loading for more than one minute spinning

  • Is the problem on only one page or all? Check for elements that do not fully load, broken images, broken sections or widgets. Remember CSS Hero needs that your page fully completes successful loading before allowing you to perfom any edit.
  • RETRY LOADING THE PAGE. Stupid but effective.

The CSS Hero interface looks weird, all black, symbols are missing (example)

  • Disable Ad Blocker plugins in your browser. Try reloading the page. Try with another browser.

CSS Hero does not Save any modification I try to do to my Theme

  • Using your custom-named theme? Verify your  theme name Length (>25 chars not recommended – > 30 : problems) [UPDATE: This limit should not be an issue anymore provided that you’re using CSS Hero >=2.1]
  • Disable caching plugins, or other aggressive caching tools in your LAMP stack (CSS Hero does not play well with CloudFlare, as a side note)

CSS Hero does not Save a specific modification I try to do to my Theme

CSS Hero does not load anymore and only shows hover selections:

  • This usually happens either when a wrong selector has been added to the Quick Config or a malformed id\class has been added to a page element (please remember that CSS IDs and CLASSes only allow alphanumeric characters and must start with a letter).
  • If you’re using Quick Config to enter your custom selectors, sometimes resetting your Quick Config may help, please note that you’ll loose all your Quick Selector configurations:
    To reset Quick Config please follow this url while logged-in with admin account privileges:

Child Theme does not pick configuration?

  • This trick might be especially useful when you’re using an officially unsupported child theme or making your own child theme of a Hero-ready theme ( ) – and want to use the CSS Hero configuration related to the parent theme.In case you want to force CSS Hero to load a specific theme configuration, you can use this type of URL:http://YOUR_SITE_URL_HERE/?csshero_action=edit_page&override_theme_config=themeslug
    (forcing Hero to load themeslug config)Example For DIVI Child themes:
    (forcing Hero to load Divi config)

WordPress Toolbar (and post editing links) disappeared on site frontend?

  • This happens when you do not switch off CSS Hero from the button on the interface, but just navigated elsewhere editing the URL. Just switch on and off CSS Hero, and the bar & editing links will reappear.

I Use DIVI (or similar builder). Everything starts as normal but, when i hover over an element it highlights but it doesn’t give me the option to do click and  modifications.

  • This happens when you add wrong CSS selectors to elements – those cannot be identified and sometimes result in severe errors. Read more here to see a relevant example.

CSS Hero returns an empty list when trying to edit pseudo elements (element:hover, :active, :visited)

  • We noticed this issue happening on sites running with CloudFlare which somehow collides with this feature. Try disabling CloudFlare while doing edits and eventually re-activate it once done.

Not found a solution? Learn how to let us help you:

  • Make sure you’ve actually read and verified all the FAQs described in this page. Thank you!
  • Open a new thread in the support forum, choosing the appropriate Room

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