Css Hero supports the typical CSS length units

  • % Percentage of the parent item
  • px Pixels
  • em Relative to the font-size of the element
  • rem Relative to font-size of the root element

From CSS Hero version 1.5 support is provided  for modern viewport units (vmin,vmax, vh,vw)

A welcome and useful addition to the world of CSS is the adoption and support, by all modern browsers, to these useful units.

In a nutshell, these units allow a percentage sizing of an element – or a font size – which is dependent on the viewport size: this feature can help achieving more easily a fluid, responsive behaviour for elements like titles – which you may want big on a large screen, and smaller on a mobile device.

This new set of units consists of four different units. Two for each axis, and a minimum and maximum value of the two.

  • vw : 1/100th of the actual viewport width
  • vh : 1/100th of the actual viewport height
  • vmin : 1/100th of the smallest side of the actual viewport
  • vmax : 1/100th of the largest side of the actual viewport

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