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After months of struggling along developing my own website for my business I found the easiest to use and least expensive solution to Customize #WordPress #themes.
We believe it’s one of the plugins every WordPress beginner should try.
WP Beginner
If it weren't for @CSS_Hero I'd spend 5x as much time getting Gutenberg blocks to behave.
If you like working in Wordpress, but don't like getting bogged down with CSS changes, you should try this. I've been loving it! I want to buy a pizza for the guys that are behind this tool!
Love @CSS_Hero. It makes it so easy to target selectors in @BeaverBuilder WordPress sites in order to write custom css. Even detects if you've added a custom ID to a module.
If you use #WordPress at all, check out @CSS_Hero! You can literally customize every part of your Wordpress theme using their interactive CSS editor, including the cheap themes that offer no customization options
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CSS Hero is a fresh and powerful product that can definitely impress your audience helping both pros and non-code savvy users to customize their site like never before.

Powerful features like instant gradient generation, intelligent color palette, full editing history will encourage your users to experiment.

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If you have an audience dealing with WordPress, don't lose this opportunity to help this growth...while earning good ol' cash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should join our affiliate program?

CSS Hero is a very special product, that has a wide potential audience - yet few people know it. We focus on coding, not on advertising.

How do I get started?

Just sign up using the affiliate registration form, at the top of this page. We will provide the HTML code to display banners in different sizes for you to place within your site, or simple LINKS. When your users will click on a banner or an affiliate link, and then head up buying CSSHero, we will track this sale; you will be able to monitor instantly your sales via your affiliate panel.

How and when do I get paid?

We will pay out commissions Quarterly (every three months). You can request a payout for your affiliate commission when you'll reach the payout minimum of at least $50 USD. Payments will be made via PayPal so you must have an account to receive payment.

Do you provide banners and text links?

Yes. We have a huge variety of banners in various sizes. We also provide text links too. You can freely customize everything if you want.

How do I Monitor my Sales?

All affiliate sales will be stored and showed within your account.