Rocket Mode

This manual refers to CSS Hero v2.
If you are looking for the v3 manual, head over here.

Since  CSS Hero version 1.2  users have being able to run  Rocket Mode on their sites. This feature is of great help for editing with CSS Hero unsupported Themes. Rocket mode, as most advanced functions of CSS Hero, runs much better on Google Chrome.

What does Rocket Mode mean?

With Rocket mode, many unsupported themes (opposed to the “Hero Ready themes“) can be edited with CSS Hero without configuration of the CSS selectors; enabling Rocket mode will basically parse the Theme’s CSS and define the  appropriate selectors. It can definitely help getting started where a configuration file is not provided and the user does not want to manually enter the CSS selectors.

Rocket mode runs better on simple themes, and is to be considered a beta feature. While it won’t work on all WordPress Themes, it can give positive results on many ones, especially simple, well crafted ones.

Rocket Mode introduction video

Rocket Mode doesn’t Work on your Theme?

If  rocket mode does not work on your theme, or hangs your browser, you should definitely try the Quick Configurator tool instead – You will have to manually list the CSS selectors, less fun to start, but more powerful than anything. Or, if you are lazy or don’t know what a CSS selector is, hang on with fully tested, recommended “Hero Ready themes“.


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