Introducing Static CSS Caching: CSS Hero 1.26

In this update of CSS Hero, accessible for download to all our members in the dashboard area, we introduce a feature which can make your blog a little bit faster – especially if you have a good load of visitors, or a slow host.

After upgrading to CSS Hero 1.26, you can turn caching on visiting the Settings > CSS Hero screen in your WordPress admin panel.



Just tick the “ON” radio button and click Update. At this point, CSS Hero will silently try to generate in your WordPress uploads folder a static css file called csshero-style.css containing exactly the same work you’ve done before – and by the way, no need to worry to update this file in the future as CSS Hero will automatically update it when you make new modifications from the front-end interface.

After successfully enabling the cache, you can log out from your blog – if everything looks right and you’re curious enough you will see that the source HTML of your site will call the new CSS file.

CSS Caching will make your blog faster and reduce load on the server when your site gets many hits, as it won’t have to process the dynamic css with all your site tweaks, but a plain ol’ static file.

Of course, your WordPress uploads directory shall be writable to enjoy all this goodness,  generally it should – provided you can upload and add images in your posts. Anyway it’s an “opt-in” feature, so if you see trouble with it, feel free to disable it to restore previous functionality.

Import / Export feature moved onto Settings > CSS Hero

Another small change you may notice is that we moved our personalizations import/export feature inside the same screen, under  Settings > CSS Hero  – thus  being a little more polite, but making it less obvious to find, so please do remember it’s there if you shall need it. It will come of great help for moving your site personalizations from one install to another – if you’re not familiar enough in copying databases; it is also a good idea for backing up your hard work in case of database crashes.

We hope you do enjoy this update, let us know your feedback in the comments box below

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