CSS Hero 2.0: expect it huge

We’ve been pretty busy lately at the CSS Hero secret cave as a massive plugin update is on the way to be released. Today we’re happy to share with you a quick preview of what Hero 2.0 will be capable of.

The main new feature in 2.0 will be a huge toolset of ready-to-go styles for you to apply in one click to your website. Say hello to CSS Hero’s Readymade Styles!

A plethora of hand crafted styles will be available for you to combine and apply on the fly to the most common elements of your web pages: buttons, images, backgrounds, forms… Plus a wide range of helpers and utilities to solve common problems such as alignments and correct font balancing.

Hero 2.0 will also feature complete skin sets for some selected themes (in the video preview you can see some Divi skins). A ton of creative skins will be available as well as some utility skins such as the ‘reset’ skins which will clean all the theme default colours, which we think may come super-useful when you want to get rid of all his styling before customising.

Check out how we twisted Divi in less than 4 minutes and stay tuned for further infos about Hero 2.0, release date is still TBA but should be around two weeks from now.

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