Hello CSS Hero 3.2

It’s nearly impossible to make a better product without user’s feedback. We, as developers, strongly believe in keeping in touch with our users hearing from them to make CSS Hero better day by day.

Thanks to our community our product is constantly growing and hopefully meeting their higher expectations. Today we’re really excited to announce that CSS Hero 3.2 has landed on your Dashboards!

Lots of improvements are in the pack, here’s a quick overview:

Help Mode with contextual tooltips

Get a quick overview of each plugin feature by toggling this mode from your CSS Hero Top Bar.

[bug fix] – No more empty Media Queries in Inspector

Fixed a weird behaviour which was causing empty media query objects to show up in the inspector, this shouldn’t happen anymore.

[bug fix] – Search Properties minor bug fix

Search Properties box had a funky behaviour when currently editing element had one or more applied snippets, fixed.

[bug fix] – Snippets save bug fix

Fixed a parser error which was causing issues when saving parametric snippets with default params, this has been fixed.

Normalized admin bar trigger button

This minor adjustment fixes the display of the CSS Hero trigger button in the WP Admin Bar.

#inspector trigger

Now you can automatically launch CSS Hero in Inspector mode with the #inspector hash on url

Minified CSS

Now you can easily export both plain readable CSS as well as minified CSS from the Inspector panel.

UTF-8 Tag

Some users reported weird characters in code when using CSS Hero on some particular themes which are not UTF-8 compliant, with this tag the issue should be over.

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