Inspector 0.93 is now available

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Today we’re pretty happy to announce that CSS Hero’s best friend: Inspector, has been updated to v 0.93 bringing in a number of new features plus some minor bug fixes including the “missing !important” bug.

Here’s an overview of what’s new in the pack:

Alternative vertical layout

CSS Hero Inspector in vertical mode

CSS Hero Inspector in vertical mode

Now you can choose to switch the Inspector position from fixed bottom to floating left in one click.

This alternative layout also allows both to drag it across the page and to minimise it to have a quick glance of your web page in a click.

CSS Hints

CSS Hero Inspector Hints

CSS Hero Inspector Hints

In 0.93 we’ve also included hinted CSS properties, start typing a CSS rule and Hero will automatically provide you a list of available properties accordingly. Even the more experienced developers will love this feature as it will seriously speed up their work avoiding common typing mistakes (which in any case will be highlighted by CSS Hero)

A plethora of key actions

Key actions are vital in any code editor and the Inspector is no exception, in 0.93 we’ve included a number of keyboard shortcuts which you can use to speed up your coding and keeping it tidy. From auto-indentation to number increasing\decreasing there’s a shortcut for almost everything including the Search\Replace functions, here’s a complete map:


  • Cmd+FStart searching
  • Cmd+GFind next
  • Shift+Cmd+GFind previous
  • Cmd+Option+FReplace
  • Shift+Cmd+Option+FReplace all
  • Alt+FPersistent search
  • Alt+GJump to line
  • Increase Number +1
  • Shift+Increase Number +10
  • Decrease Number -1
  • Shift+Decrease Number -10
  • Cmd+ZUndo Last Change
  • Cmd+YRedo the last undone change
  • Cmd+UUndo the last change to the selection
  • Shift+Cmd+URedo the last change to the selection
  • Cmd+ASelect All
  • TabIndent
  • Shift+TabAuto Indent
  • Cmd+]Indent More
  • Cmd+[Indent Less


  • Ctrl+FStart searching
  • Ctrl+GFind next
  • Shift+Ctrl+GFind previous
  • Shift+Ctrl+FReplace
  • Shift+Ctrl+RReplace all
  • Alt+FPersistent search
  • Alt+GJump to line
  • Increase Number +1
  • Shift+Increase Number +10
  • Decrease Number -1
  • Shift+Decrease Number -10
  • Ctrl+ZUndo Last Change
  • Ctrl+YRedo the last undone change
  • Ctrl+UUndo the last change to the selection
  • Alt+URedo the last change to the selection
  • Ctrl+ASelect All
  • TabIndent
  • Shift+TabAuto Indent
  • Ctrl+]Indent More
  • Ctrl+[Indent Less

Better Quick Select functionality

CSS Hero Inspector Select function

CSS Hero Inspector Select function

The Select button has been improved including a search-highlight functionality to the click event which will scroll the Inspector to the CSS line in charge of styling the clicked element if provided. If not provided a new line will be generated with the CSS selector for that element instead.

9 responses to “Inspector 0.93 is now available”

  1. Karim says:

    One of my best investments. You guys simply rock.. keep up the good work (Y)

  2. alfalyra says:

    Excellent plugin. Easy to use and very useful

  3. CLRH2O says:

    There are very few dev tools out there that warrant purchase – but CSS HERO is far and away one of the very best that do! just like Karim said, it’s seriously one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for working up new websites and re-doing old ones 🙂

  4. davidrcalvert says:

    how does one update from .91 to .93 . When trying to update the downloaded .93 from Css Hero dashboard and importing to WordPress the install fails. Any suggestions?

  5. Does CSS Hero / Inspector allow the exporting of entire WordPress themes (PHP files and CSS) which can work independently of CSS Hero/CSS Hero Subscriptions? I would be interested in this software if this were possible.

  6. Gary Peterson says:

    I too am a very satisfied user of US Hero and Inspector. I have 2 questions:
    1. How do I clear all memory of what CSS has done to a website so it won’t keep coming up. I have deleted the history but the changes keep coming up in my website. The only way I can get the theme back is to turn CSS Hero off. Turn it back on an all the unwanted changes are still there. How do I get CSS Hero returned to its default state?

    2. Are the any recent tuts on what the new Inspector will do or will that come after the beta is over. I’m sure that it will do more than I have discovered but Colin always does a nice job of showing all the new features.

    Thank you for a great product.

    Gary Peterson

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