Introducing CSS Hero Version 5. A new beginning

Today we’re really excited to announce that after nearly two years of development CSS Hero Version 5 is finally out of beta and has been officially released.

Each pixel and each function of the plugin has been redesigned in order to provide you a more powerful and intuitive tool to customise your WordPress Themes.

To better celebrate the launch of version 5, we have also rebuilt from the ground up our website, to better describe our product. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Here are the main new additions that CSS Hero v5 brings to the table.

For a more comprehensive view, please check out our new homepage and our new features page.

A new engine

We’ve rebuilt from the ground up the plugin, starting from its UX. Now powered by React, the interface feels much quicker, maximising your editing powers and bringing a better overall experience.


Better compatibility

CSS Hero compatibility on non natively compatible themes and plugins is now one huge step ahead as we’ve fixed all the issues related to weak or improper selectors.

History, Recovery and Code Diff

Edits history has been improved to provide you a more accurate browsing among your edits history. Plus we’ve included a small life-saver option to restore ‘last working’ set in case of plugin crash or any accidental loss of edits.

HTML \ CSS Inspector

A built-in inspection tool, to accurately analize and target the right elements that you want to edit.

JavaScript Editor

Adding your own JavaScript code and integrating popular libraries in your sites is now possible directly from the front page of your website with live linting and rendering.


Video Backgrounds

Video speaks louder than words and now you can bring your web pages to life with video backgrounds. A wide selection of free footage from Coverr is available at your fingertips.


Style :hover states with ease

CSS Hero now allows you to easily get full control on theme :hover styles, simply enable the Show Hovers mode and have fun.

Sitewide preview

Watch how your CSS site edits propagate to every corner of your site and gather a global visual overview of your project.


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