Browser & Server requirements

Browser Requirements

Basically your computer needs to be able to decently run a good browser:

* Latest Google Chrome Browser Recommended, generally performing best and enabling system-wide color picking on Mac Os environments
* Latest FireFox is OK
* Latest Safari is workable

WordPress Version

* Wp 3.4 or later – Latest is recommended (as of today, 4.9 is fully tested)

You need to run an operating system which supports these browsers.

Loading the whole CSSHero main editor shall take no more than a few seconds.
It will take longer on complicated pages since CSS Hero will be able to initialize itself only after the whole page assets are loaded. Typically if you run extensively externally-hosted content like iframes and such, or have lots of broken images on your page, we’ll have to wait for the browser to fetch all stuff before we can be ready for editing it’s styling.
We hope you understand this and use it as a one more reason to keep your HTML tight and your content clean.
In case the editor loading hangs more than 20 secs you might try to reload the page – you will not destroy any settings.

Your site must run on a good LAMP machine (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

If you don’t know what a LAMP is – it’s the majority of Web hosts in the world, don’t worry – so you are very probably having that enviroment.
Your server needs to run PHP 5.2 or later. Most decent hosts do.
Performance can make a difference for your CSS HERO editing experience.
If you web server performance is good, being on a good quality hosting service will make your product experience much better. It doesn’t take more than a few dollars per month, but beware of overselling hosts which will run slowly the WordPress admin area & frontend.

As an example, we use KnownHost hosting services – this is where you see the demo sites running – by the way.

If your WordPress installation feels quick, CSSHero will run well.

If your site is already sluggish running on “el cheapo” type hosting services, you will have to be a bit more patient when reloading or saving the page with CSSHero.
It will not impact significantly on site performance.