Upgrading from CSS Hero V2 to V3

There is no COMPELLING reason to update CSS Hero on older legacy sites.
This can be painful on complex projects. Beware.

For the brave folks, here is the recommended path:

Let’s say you have a site running CSS Hero v2.something.

– Launch the CSS Hero editor (v2).
– View the generated CSS and save it in a safe place (like your clipboard, and in a text file)
– Disable the CSS Hero v2 plugin – and delete it.
– Download latest v3, install and activate.
– Launch the CSS Hero editor (v3).
– Open the Code Inspector using the icon the very top menu bar, left side.
– PASTE in there  the whole code to your clipboard.
– Hit the Save and publish blue button.

Done. It should work in most cases, especially if you didn’t do lots of edits.

In case something screws up

Remember you can “go back”  and easily revert to CSS Hero 2.x

Consider that v2 and v3 save data onto separated data tables.

In case you want to go back:

just deactivate and delete the new plugin and install the old one

all CSS will go back to what used to be on  v2.x – and your site will look as it used to be.