Licensing FAQ. How does it work?

The basics

You can activate and use CSS Hero on a number of sites depending on how many licenses you have purchased. Activation is simple and easy, upon plugin activation you will be prompted to proceed to activate a license on your WordPress install. We are trying to make this as simple and inobtrusive as possible.


If you have the PRO or LIFETIME plan:

As long as you make a fair use – you can activate all times new sites without issues.
You can SAFELY IGNORE  having lots of sites  listed in  your dashboard.
As long as it your sites – sites you do personally webmaster – it ‘s OK. Don ‘t even bother removing the cruft.
You can activate as much as you want – up to 1K sites/year theoretical in an active membership.

If you have the STARTER or PERSONAL plan:

You can install and use the product on a limited number of WordPress installs – depending on the number of licenses included in your package. Please consider that you can move your licenses only once per license. This is done via a process called “detachment “, that you can do from your dashboard. Don ‘t abuse that. You are not encouraged to use a single license to fix loads of sites, thinking you can move it here and there. NO. If you ‘re a webmaster working on a number of sites, upgrade to the PRO plan – there should be a really convenient offer on your dashboard.

Developing on local or test environments:

If you are a developer, and for development purpose have a test environment, you shall be able to move your license transparently, as long as you clone appropriately your files and database. We understand most of you develop on localhost – no problem with that. Using any migration plugin like All-in-One WP Migration you ‘ll be able to play it nicely moving from dev to production and back. You need to copy the whole database. If you can ‘t activate for some reason on your staging site, install & activate the plugin on your MAIN site, then sync the database from Production to the Staging site.

What happens when my subscription plan expires?

In order to activate on new domains, download product upgrades or ask a question on the support board, you need to have an active membership. If, for any reason.  you decide NOT to renew your membership to this site, don’t panic. Your work is fully KEPT. You still will be able to continue using CSS Hero on that site/s. The plugin will still be in fully working order. Of course, to get updates, new features, fixes and support, you may want to be part of this community.

Can I use CSS Hero on a Multisite WordPress install?

Yes: a single PRO or LIFETIME license is required.