My site crashed and I need to reinstall again CSS Hero plugin on my site

If for any reason you’ve experienced a database crash, or had to reinstall your WordPress from scratch, you might find yourself in the situation where CSS Hero is asking to activate again, but you have run out of licenses in your account. 

Of course this is not relevant to PRO users.

To reactivate your license on the same domain,  please follow these simple steps:

Go to your dashboard.

How to detach your license

How to detach

In the central area of the page, click the DETACH link near to your domain url.
An alert box will prompt you to confirm it. Press Ok to proceed.

Now you’ve successfully detached your license.

At this point go to your site’s wp-admin screen.

If the CSS Hero plugin is enabled, you should see an activation request message at the top.

Follow the procedure, you should be up and running within one minute.