Caching compatibility issues

Caching is the necessary evil in computer technology.

On a practical side, you might be facing a situation where, when logged in as administrator, you edit and see the latest version of your CSS styling – but then, when unlogged, you are served an old CSS. Strange!

No biggie, but it can be confusing for first time users.

In other words, sometimes CSS changes can take time before being really deployed to the site.

Are you using a caching plugin?

If you are using a caching plugin, you might need to disable the site caching feature while editing your site with CSSHero.
Some plugins, like the ubiquous Wp Super Cache plugin have a specific option to enable:

Don’t cache pages for known users.

This should be sufficient to make your caching plugin play around well with CSSHero.

What happens on your host (and out of/in your direct control)?

Make sure your hosting service does not use aggressive caching tools. Most super-cheap hosts do.

There is no other solution besides asking your host to disable this aggressive caching or limitating it’s scope, or better, move to a good quality host or cloud service.

On a practical side, we need the system to be able to purge the static CSS file that CSS Hero adds to the site.