Popular specific issues

Any problem with CSS Hero? Please mind that most solutions  to popular problems are here; read well this document before attempting to contact us submitting a ticket in our support forum. Thank you.

General checklist – START HERE FIRST

  • Are you using the latest version of CSS Hero? If not, get it now from your dashboard and update the plugin
  • Did you try disabling all WordPress Plugins? Absolutely give it a try before going on. You might find an “offending” plugin.
    Some rare plugins make our license activation window invisible in the wp-admin.

Popular specific issues

Has my WordPress Toolbar (and post editing links) disappeared on site frontend?

  • This happens when you do not switch off CSS Hero from the button on the interface, but just navigated elsewhere editing the URL. Just  visit your /wp-admin/ – and the bar & editing links will reappear. This problem does not exist anymore in Version 5.

CSS Hero does not Start, is stuck loading for more than one minute spinning

  • Is the problem on only one page or all? Check for elements that do not fully load, broken images, broken sections or widgets. Remember CSS Hero needs that your page fully completes successful loading before allowing you to perform any edit.
  • RETRY LOADING THE PAGE. Stupid but effective.

Child Theme does not pick configuration?

  • This trick might be especially useful when you’re using an officially unsupported child theme or making your own child theme of a Hero-ready theme ( https://www.csshero.org/themes/ ) – and want to use the CSS Hero configuration related to the parent theme.In case you want to force CSS Hero to load a specific theme configuration, you can use this type of URL:http://YOUR_SITE_URL_HERE/?csshero_action=edit_page&override_theme_config=themeslug
    (forcing Hero to load themeslug config). Example For DIVI Child themes:
    (forcing Hero to load Divi config)