Welcome, CSS Hero 1.2

Today here at the CSS Hero headquarters we’re pretty excited as we’re announcing a major plugin upgrade that we feel it’s our first step on the way to make Hero working on any WordPress Theme.

Among some other highly awaited improvements such as native SSL, a rewritten saving logic and the new !important statement we’re happy to introduce you Rocket Mode!

Rocket Mode is the way to make edits possible also on non-hero ready Themes without having to provide any kind of configuration.

This feature is still in beta mode so we recommend using it carefully and being a bit patient with it.

What’s in the pack?

  • !important support for overriding theme settings
  • Native SSL support
  • Beta “Rocket Mode” selection”. Unsupported themes can be edited with CSS Hero without configuration; this mode will basically parse the Theme’s CSS and define appropriate selectors. It can definitely help getting started where a configuration file is not provided and the user does not want to manually enter the selectors.
  • Lighter memory footprint, no options autoload at all.

CSS Hero 1.2 is available for download in every loyal user’s dashboard. You can just log-in and upgrade now.


As all times with software updates, we recommend you to backup your site before doing anything. We do our best to ensure the smoothest upgrade process, but the usual caveats apply. Simple backup solutions like the WpClone Wp Plugins or the cPanel backup feature can be your friends.

26 responses to “Welcome, CSS Hero 1.2”

  1. George Morrison says:

    That’s great news guys! Can’t wait to test it

  2. Keith Davis says:

    Looks fantastic and the video is awesome…. well done guys.

  3. David Waumsley says:

    Stunning – absolutely stunning!

  4. Corey Kretsinger says:

    *Lighter* memory footprint. (You have a typo) 😉

    Great news though. Thanks!

  5. […] their "already amazing" plugin that includes a new feature called Rocket Mode. Head on over to the CSS Hero blog to find out more on the new Rocket Mode feature. It's really […]

  6. elbe031 says:

    I Have the message “Native support for this theme is not present.
    Wanna try Rocket Mode Autodetection (Beta)?” when I want to begin with my theme : DIVI2.

    What did he happen ?

    Thanks by advance for your answer.


  7. Ramon Cole says:

    Not working on Divi2 as per support forum thread http://www.csshero.org/interact/topic/major-problem-with-1-2/ Please advise!

  8. Greg Wilnau says:

    soooo….How do I activate “Rocket Mode”? I have Divi 2.0

  9. nusquama says:

    hi, i would like to use css hero with sparkle theme on themeforest. Is it compatible ?

  10. Joachim Richter says:

    Hi Guys,
    quick question -> is csshero com patible with Thesis ?

  11. Dave_Whittle says:

    Amazing tool!

    I’m using it with Divi 2.0, and the first thing I tried is changing the logo size to be a tad bigger. Making it bigger worked great, but no matter what I change the Minimum Size too, when you scroll it only gets a bit smaller – nowhere near the 40% or 50% size I would prefer… You can see it at coolhotnot.com.

  12. Jacob Perl says:

    Rocket mode is very cool…just tried it on X theme and it works great! I do wish it would also work on CSS Hero-ready themes (such as Genesis), in order to automatically pick up CSS elements not already known to CSS Hero, for example, those added by child theme customizations or Visual Composer Add-ons, etc. Still a great start, though!

  13. François Webulle Bordeaux says:

    Hello. First, I’m a huge fan of CSS heroes, used on all my divi themes. 🙂
    Sadly I added it on explorable theme from elegant theme with rocket mode. When I select a zone, nothing appends, box with options doesnt show. Any idea why? 🙁 Screenshot : http://prntscr.com/6xdrwz

  14. Michelle Meier says:

    How soon will CSS Hero be able to configure responsive design for landscape modes?

  15. rainbow14000 says:

    Does Rocket only open if the theme “needs” it? Using Vantage theme and Rocket activation does not appear, but CSSHero seems to work fine.

    • You can still hack your loading url to avoid Hero from loading the currently active theme config by using the override_theme_config parameter set to unnamed:

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