Web Design Tips

Every successful web designer needs some new tips, cool links, or inputs somehow, isn’t it?

Do you want to play around a little with your site? Maybe with the font, colors or perhaps the layout? I find such ideas pretty tempting, however, thanks to the effort that they seem to need, I often give up without trying. But lately I’ve come across some really cool web design Google Chrome extensions […]

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s — No, not Superman. It’s CSS Hero! All joking aside, CSS Hero we’re a company dedicated to offering great products backed by great customer service. As a business that stands behind such ideologies, we are always on the lookout for other WordPress products or services that stand behind […]

Five places to learn CSS for free

Ten years ago if you’d have asked a bunch of successful people for tips on getting ahead in business, you can bet a few of them would suggest ‘learning a language’. The logic behind this advice is sound; find ways to reach more people in different markets. Between then and now, almost every industry has […]