Our most recent updates and news regarding  CSS Hero & the Web Design World

One of the most common needs when it comes to editing a WordPress theme is to selectively add custom classes to your elements to adjust their aspect with consistency. What is a .class? A class is a collection of properties which extend an element styling. HTML elements can be identified by a variety of attributes […]

Hello CSS Hero 3.4

We’re very happy to announce that CSS Hero has been now updated to 3.4! Lots of great news in the pack plus some bug fixes which have been in the plans for a while now. Smooth on scroll animations with Animator Animator has been bundled in CSS Hero 3.4, now you can easily animate each […]

Hover Effects with CSS Hero

Making a website unique is a matter of choosing the right colours, combining the right fonts and tuning all the details to make it stand out. Among those details one of the most recognisable feature is of course how the user interacts with your website and how those interactions are perceived, enter the hover animations […]

Hey WordPress Zombies! The Giveaway is Over! Winners will be announced on 11:00 am PST – Monday, 12th November. This is your Chance to Make Your WebDesign Life Even More Successful… Forever! Enter our Halloween Giveaway and get the chance to win: (2) Lifetime Pro plans, each worth $600 (3) Personal Plan, each worth $59 (4) […]

Welcome, CSS Hero 3.3

In our quest for enhancing our product features and it’s usability, we are happy to announce version 3.3! 3.3 is a pretty large update, here’s what’s new in the pack. A new, revised interface – A cleaner look to let you better focus on your editing work – The new selector bar lets you easily […]

Hello CSS Hero 3.2

It’s nearly impossible to make a better product without user’s feedback. We, as developers, strongly believe in keeping in touch with our users hearing from them to make CSS Hero better day by day. Thanks to our community our product is constantly growing and hopefully meeting their higher expectations. Today we’re really excited to announce […]

Introducing CSS Hero 3.1

CSS Hero 3.1 is out! This brand new update brings some pretty cool new features and some small fixes to make your CSS Hero experience better than ever. Let’s immediately dig into the details and enjoy this trip!

CSS Hero v3 has landed!

Today we’re super happy to announce that CSS Hero v3 is finally rolling out of our garage and landing on all our Customer’s Dashboards. We’ve been working very hard for one year on this new release which features a new interface, a complete rewrite of the main plugin core and a ton of new features. […]

You may not realize it, but you are in a war. You are in a war for attention, against millions of other business owners, bloggers, and organizations. Your best weapon? A solid brand that makes your audience stop scrolling, take notice and remember you. Styling your website is a part of building an attractive and […]

Ready to make your site stand out from the competition? Animate it! Animation is a fun and powerful tool; however, it is underused in web design – possibly, because most site owners perceive it as something hard or tricky to code. But that’s what we are here for! Bringing you a tutorial on 5 classy […]