Plugin Updates

On each update, we do our best to bring you the most useful features for quick and effective site personalization.

Animations bring life to otherwise static web pages. They create a mood – playful, mysterious, or welcoming.  They form a connection between the user actions and the movements on the web page. The fast-developing CSS3 language made animations easier than ever to implement, taking over the clunky Flash animations of the past. CSS animations are fast […]

Today we’re pretty excited to announce a double major plugin upgrade which now takes Hero up to version 2.1 and Inspector to his first 1.0 release! A number of core functions have been totally re-written from scratch to provide a faster and smoother editing experience plus some new functions have been added to make Hero […]

Inspector 0.93 is now available

Giveaway to celebrate this new Version! To celebrate, we’re having a Giveaway! This time you have the chance to win a CSS Hero PRO plan worth $199. You can win by doing any of the following (and the more options you choose to do, the better your chances of winning): 1. Tweet about the Giveaway and […]

CSS Hero 2.0 is here, featuring Readymade Styles, Theme Skins, Tooltips and more! Buy Now or Download Now After countless coffees, infinite tobacco, and almost no sleep, the monstrous CSS Hero 2.0 update is going out of our cave for the first time. It’s beefed up with some amazing new features. It’s simply massive, and […]

CSS Hero 2.0: expect it huge

We’ve been pretty busy lately at the CSS Hero secret cave as a massive plugin update is on the way to be released. Today we’re happy to share with you a quick preview of what Hero 2.0 will be capable of. The main new feature in 2.0 will be a huge toolset of ready-to-go styles […]

CSS Hero 1.5, say hello to Cloning Styles

Today we’re extremely happy to announce that CSS Hero has been updated to 1.5! It’s a massive upgrade including some bug fixes and some new interesting features: Cloning Styles – more on this below Support for modern viewport units (vmin,vmax, vh,vw) – more on this below Faster editor loading Bugfix: editing is allowed on published […]

Since we started our journey working on the very first CSS Hero alpha version we never stopped developing and going further to make our plugin more powerful and smart while keeping it easy to use both for the skilled developer and for the first time user. Today we’re adding another milestone to our development process […]

In this update of CSS Hero, accessible for download to all our members in the dashboard area, we introduce a feature which can make your blog a little bit faster – especially if you have a good load of visitors, or a slow host. After upgrading to CSS Hero 1.26, you can turn caching on […]

You’ve likely heard the saying that, ‘Superheroes never sleep.’ Well, that same drive to do good and help make life a little bit better is one of the things that we at CSS Hero stand behind. Much like our comic book compatriots who keep their nose to the grindstone, we’ve been hard at work on […]

Being able to backup your work and feel in a safe, controllable environment is what we’ve been trying to pursuit from day one in this quest. Today’s update, available on your dashboard for all registered customers, introduces a simple feature, accessible from the wp-admin interface for the first time: a quick, no-frills download to file […]